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With Envio Logistics, your business is Our business!


At Envio Logistics we recognize that the Independent Owner Operator is the heart and soul of the Freight Industry which makes you the life blood of our great Nations economy.

For decades we at Envio Logistics have been associated with the Freight Industry from the Drivers perspective. Like many of you, driving and Independent Owner Operators are not just people we know but they are our family. Fathers, Uncles, Cousins and Brothers. So, we know a thing or two about what you are looking for in a Broker Partner! In a word “Honest”.

Evnio Logistics Driver Photo

Our motto of Being in Business with you, is the foundation of Envio Logistics every business decision. We recognize your sacrifice and dedication and will always do our part in making you feel like we are in it with you. At Envio Logistics we know and understand that trust is earned and with us it is expected. Let Envio Logistics do some of that heavy lifting for you and trust us to broker your loads!

At Envio Logistics (for qualified Operators)

We offer the following:

At Envio Logistics we bet on you just like you bet on us. This means no worrying about finding loads worth the effort and no worries about qualifying your shipments.